Carol Soukup, RN

After 30 years in the nursing field, caring for the very young, very old, and all those in between, I found my calling as a human hospice nurse. I feel privileged to be invited into a family’s intimate journey in this transitional time.

I am an AHELP co-founder and shaped over 10 educational events as Events Director. Later as Hospitality Director, I promoted AHELP Project’s community-building vision at AHELP sponsored events and in community outreach.

I have proudly contributed my knowledge of hospice care systems as AHELP Project has developed our Caregivers’ Support Program. I enjoy teaching fellow Team Members aspects of human hospice nursing that are adaptable to the animal hospice world, and most importantly, what’s involved with “care for the caregiver.”

Now in semi-retirement, I am applying my human nursing skills as caregiver and patient advocate through my “Partners to the Bridge” services. I enjoy travel, family near and far and especially, making memories with my granddaughter, Zoe.


AHELP Co-founder, Events Director, Hospitality Director, AHELPer Volunteer