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Rewarding. Empathizing. Belonging.

We get it! Join our team of AHELPers, and through this powerful work you may experience healing and satisfaction through giving back.

AHELPer volunteers in the Caregiver Support Program provide comprehensive care with both trained AHELPers and Professional Network Members, learning from one another through working together as an interdisciplinary team. Our training and mentorships offer unique opportunities to learn about the developing field of animal hospice and palliative care through becoming an AHELP Support Team Member.

You would be a great fit if you have been inspired by personal experience with your own animals in their end of life.

Meet Our Community of AHELPers


You are exceptionally well-qualified if you have any or a combination of: 

- experience in human hospice,

- experience with animal in illness and end-of-life, 

- talents and skills in animal services like bodywork or energy work,

- talents and skills in family services like counseling and social work.

We welcome you if you are interested in building your professional practice to serve caregivers or patients in end-of-life. 

With tools, training and a compassionate heart, our community of animal lovers understand what caregivers are going through at this bittersweet time. Make a difference for caregivers and their animal family members - become an AHELPer today!

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Do you have a talent for event planning and enjoy the company of like-minded community members? Contact us to join our Events Team!

Leaders are invited to bring their talents to our Veterinary Advisory Board. We welcome those interested in program development or in building their resume in non-profit management. Join a warm, caring organization with a unique mission and make your mark on the developing field of palliative and hospice care for animals! Contact Michelle to offer your gift of involvement as a leader.

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