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Orchestrate your plan and become empowered to act at the appropriate times.

Walk with your pet to the Rainbow Bridge, in control of the journey until their last breath.

Avoid doubts and guilt and gain peace of mind knowing you followed your "path of least regrets" through our...


"Partners to the Bridge"

Animal Hospice Coaching for Pet Parents


Allow veterinarians to provide your pet's medical care while Michelle guides you through our unique coaching and counseling program. Together, you will transform the end-of-life journey you share with your animal companion from an emotional rollercoaster into confidence, competence, and empowerment for you and quality of life until their end of life.

Also included: our curated collection of home care tools, tips, animal hospice planning, and decision-making tools. With access to our multi-talented network and interdisciplinary team of Animal Hospice Practitioners, you will unlock care for yourself and your animal family member in ways you never knew possible.

The "Quadruple E" framework is at the core.

Michelle Nichols, Animal Hospice Educator and Coach, will guide you to:

  1. Explore your emotions surrounding the death of a beloved pet and THIS death, in particular, allowing you, the pet parent, to overcome fears and face the future.
  2. Examine your options, considering veterinary recommendations about your team of supporters, your pet's course of treatment, the preferred manner of death, and, within all of the possibilities, what you see as your pet’s best life while with you on earth.
  3. Envision an end-of-life plan and a backup plan consistent with your values, goals, and beliefs for you and your family that is based on all you have explored and examined.
  4. Empower you to act on your plan, making decisions that are timed appropriately and according to your wishes for your pet.


The USD $849 "Partners to the Bridge" Animal Hospice Coaching for Pet Parents includes:

  • five private 1-hour online Animal Hospice Coaching videoconferencing sessions
  • reflective exercises to workshop during sessions and complete on your own 
  • a 15-page "Partners to the Bridge" e-booklet covering home care during the end-of-life period, euthanasia decision-making, planning for a hospice-supported natural death, aftercare, and memorialization 
  • a"Planning a Peaceful Euthanasia" preparation checklist
  • a curated packet of home nursing care and quality-of-life tools
  • a "Rainbow Bridge Sendoff Plan" for you to convey your wishes and share with your veterinarian(s) and other care team supporters  
  • one 90-minute Bonus Remembrance Session, utilizing art therapy principles to engage hands, heart, and mind and promote healing 
  • unlimited support, over email to address bereavement and referrals by request 


We know that, just as in birth, death is hard to predict, but it is made easier with a team of Animal Hospice Practitioners to walk beside you. No one can erase the pain when they are no longer physically by your side, but with the realization you have followed your "Path of Least Regrets," healing from the loss of your companion animal(s) will come more naturally and completely.  

We can be of most “Help” when you contact us sooner, so don't hesitate to contact the AHELP Project for Animal Hospice support and guidance.

Just follow these three easy steps to get started:

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3) Michelle will contact you directly over email to set up a 30-minute call to address your three greatest concerns and for you to learn how we can help


Thanks to the nature of our nonprofit and donations from our community, our "Help for Animal Hospice Caregivers Fund" can contribute to the fees to cover our Coaching sessions. We'd be happy to discuss this fund and how it can help you in our 30-40-minute initial phone consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you, your family, and your animal companion. 

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