Comfort and Empowerment in end-of-life Choices for you and your companion animal.

AHELP is the Animal Hospice, End-of-Life and Palliative Care Project. You have found a community that honors the journey of lifetime loving care for your animal family members. We are here to help you and your family with guidance and support to follow the veterinary care plan.

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Through support, tools and resources, our mission is to empower caregivers to achieve the best quality of life for themselves and their animal companion once their goals of care shift from cure to comfort.
Our Mission Since 2010 - Our Animal Caregiver Support can reach more families if you donate today!

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"Michelle and the AHELPers were so loving and non-judgmental, acknowledging the love that we have for Scotty and how much he means to us. Michelle continues to listen, comfort and support me through email and phone calls. Michelle and the AHELP community showed us the true meaning of It takes a village. AHELPers provided Scotty and our family with such care during a time when I felt completely overwhelmed and paralyzed by fear and the unknown."
– Amy and Scotty, Brier
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