A Caregiver's Tale: FIV Lessons Learned from Russ

Suz, AHELP Project community member and volunteer, tells of her journey adopting a feral cat with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Suz sought answers to the questions she had about the disease, and learned of choices she had in planning for his continued well-being. Read about how she became empowered with this information, and how she grew as a result of her experience.

What has your experience been with caring for a cat with FIV? 


Russ: happy, healthy, at home. (photo: Suz)

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Care for the Caregiver (you!)

How will I get over the loss of my best friend? We in AHELP have come to know that you don’t get OVER a loss; you get THROUGH your loss…

We commonly hear, "what can I do to feel better?" In this post we offer a few practical tips that can be "a Help" to you and your family during the hospice period and after their passing.



A ceremony at your companion's favorite spot can be a valuable in helping you get closure after their passing. Michelle Nichols and her daughter Zoe sprinkle Sora's cremains at the beach she had loved. (Photo: Chris Nichols)

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Holiday Blessings

Joys and Sorrows...and Sweet Memories

AHELP co-founder, Spiritual Counselor and Memorial Celebrant Diane Dyer shares her thoughts on the feelings that can come very naturally with the holiday season. Diane will be leading the "Moment of Remembrance" at our holiday party, the White Whiskers Soiree on December 13, 2014.



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Adopt a homeless friend this holiday season....

Sonnet for the Shelter Beast

by Elizabeth Allen, Author. Poet. Animal Lover. 

In this season of thankfulness, our AHELP animal loving community hopes that you will open your heart and welcome a homeless or relinquished animal family member into your home. As we close November, “Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month”, please consider a tried-and-true companion through some of our favorites: Old Dog Haven, Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, Save our Seniors, Purrfect Pals and Homeward Pet.

Many thanks to published author and AHELPer Elizabeth Allen who wrote this beautiful prose on the plight of homeless animals across their lifespans.


Elizabeth Allen's book Manifesting Mongrel is the captivating story of hospice care for her rescued Chihuahua Juno, pictured here, together in the year before his passing. (Credit: Elizabeth Allen)

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The Path of Least Regrets

Caregiver's Tale: Tracy and Misty
AHELP Project's Animal Caregiver Support Program can be "A Help" to you when considering your choices for care, building a plan for comfort and contentment, and then empowering you to make the best decisions when the appropriate times come. One caregiver tells her own story of following her friend in the hospice journey with AHELP walking beside them.


Misty in her golden years while under Tracy's care. (Photo: Mark Campion)

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