The Path of Least Regrets

Caregiver's Tale: Tracy and Misty
AHELP Project's Animal Caregiver Support Program can be "A Help" to you when considering your choices for care, building a plan for comfort and contentment, and then empowering you to make the best decisions when the appropriate times come. One caregiver tells her own story of following her friend in the hospice journey with AHELP walking beside them.


Misty in her golden years while under Tracy's care. (Photo: Mark Campion)

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Plan with the end in mind...

HOW to Prepare for Animal Hospice across your Pet's Lifespan

With the diagnosis of a life-limiting condition or a natural decline in health, AHELP Project can help you create a plan for your animal friend’s end-of life care using this 5 step process...


Planning for their healthy lifetime includes preparing for the time they will need you most at the end. Former AHELP Board Member Julie Forbes regularly shares the lessons she learned from her heart dog Chewy with her listeners on her "Dog Show" on Alternative Talk Radio 1150 (credit: Julie Forbes) 

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It takes a takes a team.

WHY plan for Hospice Care across the Lifespan? 



Michelle Nichols, MS

AHELP Director and Co-founder

In our last entry, guest blogger Patty Ann Sparano discussed the importance of caring for your pet with the end in mind. AHELP Director talks about WHY this is so important.


Even before your furry friend is ailing, teach your family and trusted caregivers how to provide the care you want for your animal friend. They will be prepared to deliver the same care to your pet when you most need them. Following his surgery, Zoe Nichols confidently gives Rex a lavender oil massage. (Credit: Michelle Nichols)

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Peaceful Endings

Patty Ann Sparano
Guest blogger from Another cookie, please!


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Time to Plan: the "UP-side to Anticipatory Grief" - Part II

Michelle Nichols, MS
AHELP Project Director and Co-founder

In anticipation of their passing, the bittersweet hospice period affords you the opportunity to prepare for your friend's gentle decline.


Elizabeth Mooney and "Dipper" smile in a home hospice moment. (Photo: Elizabeth Mooney)

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