Comfort and Empowerment in end-of-life Choices for you and your companion animal.

"We want our animal family member to be comfortable. We wish we could know what lies ahead for planning and decision-making."

AHELP is the Animal Hospice, End-of-Life, and Palliative Care Project

Welcome! You’ve found a community that honors the journey of lifetime loving care for your animal family members. You want dignified, peaceful end-of-life care for your animal family member. Through our Caregiver Support Program, we’ll offer you the caregiving tools you need, help you to build a plan consistent with your veterinarian’s care, or else assist you in building a comprehensive care team that suits your needs. We will all walk beside you in the journey you share with your animal companion. 

We’re a greater Seattle community of professionals and caregivers who have been before where you are. Especially during a time when you might feel rather isolated, our AHELPer community and volunteers can be there for you at a time that can be both challenging and isolating. You are very fortunate if you feel well supported by your personal network of friends and family, but you might find increasing your network to include professionals and skilled volunteers can also be very comforting.

Enjoying AHELP’s Social Events can help you expand your circle of friends who can relate to your way of thinking. Look on our Calendar page for our Animal Caregiver Support Circle in Kirkland and Seattle, as well as other events. You can learn more about end-of-life caregiving through our Educational Events and also through our website’s FAQs. Since all our events have a strong networking component, you can also meet trusted members of our Professional Network, who have skills and talents that contribute to comfort for you and your family.

If you’re not in the greater Seattle area, we can still be “A Help” to you and your animal friends. We invite you to join our online community: sign up for our "AHELP Advocate" newsletter, come to our events, and tell your friends and family about us! Like us on Facebook at AHELP Project , and read our blog for our “Caregivers’ Tips and Tales.”

Professionals, you may find content that applies to your business on Linked in at AHELP Project. Our Director believes strongly in interdisciplinary teamwork and brings this message through her leadership in the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care. Our caregiver support aligns with Practice Guidelines through the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care.

Best wishes in caregiving for our animals,

Michelle Nichols, M.S.  

End-of-Life Care Worker, Co-founder, and Executive Director

Office: 425.223.5722