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  • Soup, Sharing, and Holiday Caring

    You're invited to a holiday pet-loving party and sharing circle brought to you by AHELP Project and Carus Coaching.
    Why you should come, despite this hustle-bustle time...
    - Your mood can be elevated by celebrating happy holiday memories over the years.
    - In the company of new and familiar friends, share mixed feelings from the past and the present.
    - Enjoy a potluck featuring homemade soups, sides and sweet treats for you, and cookies for dogs and cats.
    What you can expect...
    6:30-7:45: potluck, visiting, and candle craft (see below)
    7:45-8:00: break, cleanup, assemble for circle
    8:00-9:00: sharing circle
    - farewells -
    9:00-9:30: extra time to complete craft if needed; clean up (AHELPer volunteers.)
    Optional: Remembrance Candle
    Prepurchase a ticket for a 3" flameless pillar candle, and other supplies and instruction are included.
    Bring a small printed picture of your pet or other meaningful images. No images? No worries! We will also have magazines to cut and use instead or in addition to what you bring. 
    Purchasing a $5 "ticket" ensures we will have supplies for you. You may also choose to wait; purchasing a candle at the event will be $8. Please, no outside candles due to technical issues with other types of candles.
    If you choose to participate, please arrive promptly so you'll have time to decorate your candle and eat your dinner.
    If you don't want to participate in this craft, don't worry about the ticket and just RSVP. Bring a friend! Pet-friendly.
    Please contact Daryl Anne at dab5411@gmail.com if you'd like to contribute to the potluck. Side dishes, salads, bread, and beverages are welcomed but not necessary.
    This event replaces our regularly-scheduled Kirkland Animal Caregiver Support Circle on 4th Wednesdays. We'll next meet on January 24 in our typical format, featuring "Learn about Animal Hospice' informational talk. 
    December 20, 2017 at 6:30pm
    Seattle Veterinary Specialists-Blue Pearl Kirkland
    11814 115th Ave NE
    Kirkland, WA 98034-6946
    United States
    Google map and directions
    $5.00 USD · 2 rsvps rsvp

  • PrizedPals Info

    Your CareCorral – A Metropolis of Social Healing among You, Your Loved Ones and Your Pet 

    It's common that furry and feathered friends are every bit part of the family as anyone else. AHELP Project proudly offers CareCorrals to our entire community through our partnership with PrizedPals.  

    Your CareCorral is quick and easy for you to create, for keeping your community close in times of heightened anxiety - as network of support and love. Your CareCorral is a secure, invitation-only web / mobile micro-community of your loved ones, surrounding your pet. After all, pets heal, age, live, die and grieve a lot like people. They have relationships worth nurturing, lives worth celebrating and stories worth re-living.

    A CareCorral makes it easy to share and engage among loved ones in a clear and instant manner - without the confusion or delays that occur when news is filtered through the grapevine. And without needing mass emails that so commonly grow cumbersome. Your circle is able to respond with supportive messages and to engage at each member’s own pace - as it is comfortable and convenient for them.  

    CareCorrals include components that help families focus time and energy on their pet, loved ones, and in supporting each other - removing emotional barriers and simplifying group connectivity. Likewise, making it easy to coordinate both requests and offers - allowing loved ones to sign-up as they like, and without putting loved ones on-the-spot. Please watch this short video to learn more about the online support!

  • Help Animals Depart in Comfort and Peace. Donate Now.

    $5,647.76 raised
    GOAL: $30,000.00

    Your generous donation enables AHELP Project to support those who need our help the most. Every dollar goes directly into our mission, supporting animal caregivers and their families while their beloved animals make life’s last transition.

    With your support we will:

    • Serve more families with our Comprehensive Care Home Visits
    • Launch an online lending bank that will enable us to take donations and rent supplies for animals with special needs
    • Offer regularly scheduled educational sessions on end-of-life caregiving
    • Continue editing and production of our "Quality of Life in your Senior and Ill Animal Friend", our step-by-step guide



  • Thank you for your contribution on the important topic of dedicated care for our animal family members across the lifespan, Patty Ann.

    Read more from Patty Ann Sparano on her blog, www.anothercookieplease.com.

    Would you like to share your experiences in caregiving for our animal friends? Email me or post here about being a guest blogger!

  • Thank you for reading our blog! We’d love to hear your comments and have you participate as a valued AHELP community member on our blog. What is your experience and musings on living with and loving animal friends with chronic illness, special needs, and in end-of-life?
    Please contact me for more information on how to get involved.

  • Contact AHELP

    In order to make the most of our first 30-minute phone call, please use the Family Information Form below. We can be of more assistance with your earlier contact. Thank you very much and we will contact you shortly.

    For more information, please review our Hospice FAQs.

    NOTE: All information remains private and confidential.


  • For general questions about our Professional Network, please: 1) leave your comments on our “Contact Us” page, or 2) request a Professional Network Application form to be emailed to you through “Get involved” on the navigation bar.

    Please leave questions about an upcoming event on the Calendar page under that event’s name.

    You may also email michelle@AHELPProject.org. Thank you for your interest in AHELP Project!

  • Animal Caregiver Support Program

    Why caregiver support?

    When the goal of care shifts from cure to comfort, tools and guidance from our AHELP Comprehensive Care Team will care for you as you care for your animal. Our “care for the caregiver” will allow you to adapt to twists and turns in the end-of-life journey. Quality of life for your dog, cat or horse is maximized as we work within the veterinary care plan with regular check-ins, tools for planning, tips for home care and strategies to help you navigate as issues come up. We ensure communication through interdisciplinary teamwork principles. Professional Network family service providers help you cope with daily challenges, assuring your confident caregiving.  Professional counselors offer your family grief and bereavement support. Your Care Team is there for you with "A Help" when you most need it with 24/7 weekday availability and on weekends, too.

    Comfort. Choices. Empowerment.

    Help your animal companion achieve COMFORT by building a solid plan with a veterinarian, or vet tech who first consults with your regular vet. AHELP's Comprehensive Care Home Visits are centered around your animal companion and your entire family's circumstances. Your AHELP Care Team will include an AHELP Care Coordinator who is a professional counselor, an AHELPer volunteer who is assigned only to you and a veterinarian best suited to your situation. You will have access our spiritual counselor through personal phone visits and our monthly Seattle Support Circle.

    Comprehensive Care Team
    "People want the same care for their animal family members as their human loved ones had. Animal hospice and palliative care gives them the power them to do so."

    AHELP_IngridFizzy.jpg Elizabeth_Bodhi_hospital_5-2015-2.jpg AHELP_2364.jpg


    What you can Expect

    With veterinary recommendations from your animal companion's quality of life assessment, you and your Care Team will evaluate your choices and build a plan according to your wishes. When the appropriate times come, the AHELP Care Team will support you in your decision making and assist while you enact the steps in that plan. You will feel the satisfaction that comes in knowing that you paid a worthy tribute to the life shared with your animal companion. You'll likely describe the experience of providing this care as transformative, empowering, and true to your love for them.

    Through this process of achieving comfort and quality of life, weighing your choices, visualizing your journey, and being empowered to act on your plans at the appropriate times, you will be most likely be able to follow your "path of least regrets." Healing from the inevitable loss of your animal family member comes naturally and at your own pace.

I am AHELP's Executive Director and one of seven co-founders. Please join us and spread the word of our work for caregivers and their animal companions.