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We promote comfort and quality of life for guardians and their animal friends through veterinary, family, and animal services providers. Families want to know what else they can do to contribute to comfort, and the growing field of animal hospice and palliative care provides them with the means to do so. Join us in shaping the future of end-of-life care for animals. For more information on the national movement in our field, see the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, the Nikki Hospice Foundation, and Spirits in Transition


Member Benefits:

  • Grow your end-of-life care business
    • Work for AHELP-prescreened patients and clients
    • Network with caregivers and fellow providers about the benefits of your services to animals and their caregiving families.
  • Learn by doing! Enhance your delivery of animal end-of-life care services
    • Get advanced training through mentorships you can access through volunteering
    • After your mentorship, serve families and their animal companions through our referrals
  • Ask about advanced education through our sister organization, Animal Hospice Group
  • Consider serving in a leadership position or sharing your skills in program development



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