Holiday Blessings

Joys and Sorrows...and Sweet Memories

AHELP co-founder, Spiritual Counselor and Memorial Celebrant Diane Dyer shares her thoughts on the feelings that can come very naturally with the holiday season. Diane will be leading the "Moment of Remembrance" at our holiday party, the White Whiskers Soiree on December 13, 2014.



"For what is the Season of Light? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is my fervent wish that every cup overflows with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.” Agnes M. Pharo

It’s the season of remembering. When I close my eyes and allow visions of my childhood animal companions to arise, I can see my little dog Bitsy playing in the yard, my cat Silky pushed around in a doll carriage by my sister, and, from my teen years, my cat Elvis lazing in a sun patch in the front hall. Fast forward to early adulthood, and my three dachshunds appear in my vision: Schultzy, who liked to sleep with his nose buried in my armpit, Sarah, who hardly had a chance to grow beyond puppy-hood,  and Leroy, a rescue, who became my children’s touchstone during difficult times. And later, my three felines: the beautiful and proud Kitty, dear placid Mary, the amazing orange wonder, Tommy and the enigmatic aristocratic Rocky. My memories bring smiles.

Eyes open, I see my sleeping cats: funny Lenny and sweet blue-eyed Sky. I smile. And yet I know someday they too will move out of my life and into my memories.

The winter holiday season, with all its beauty and meaning and joy, is juxtaposed against the poignancy of concluding another year. Losses past and losses during the year are remembered and the sigh of letting the year go is tinged with sorrow, even in the festivity of the season.

Do you know someone who experienced losing a loved one (2 or 4 legged) this past year? This is a time that requires the very best of us…to give of ourselves to those caught between the sorrow of their loss and the joy of the season. I encourage you to make a list of anyone you know who has suffered a loss this past year. If they live locally, make an effort to connect, even if just over coffee, for a chat in the next weeks. If they live afar, commit to making a phone call instead of relying on email or Facebook. This is a time for low tech, high touch!

And if it’s you…reach out to family and dear friends. Share your memories, and rejoice in the time you had with your loved one.

May the Beauty of the Season bring Peace to your heart.


Diane Dyer is a licensed Spiritual Counselor and Memorial Celebrant. Diane is the lead facilitator for AHELP’s Animal Caregiver Support Circle, and will be facilitating a “Moment of Remembrance” at AHELP’s White Whiskers Soiree.


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