Caregivers' Circles and Events

  • Learn About Animal Hospice!

    We know he's not up to any more steroid treatments. But what can I do?"

    "I just found out she has cancer. I don't know what to do now and feel so alone."

    "He is slowing down but seems happy...I feel just as tired as he it normal to feel sad?"

    "It seems like she's doing okay for now. I'll look into hospice when the time comes." 


    You aren't alone! Your feelings are normal, and we can help you with tools and resources that can address your questions and concerns. Class size is usually small, so you'll get personalized care to help you with your animal friend in-home nursing care.  

    Please begin to prepare now!  Though this is a regularly scheduled event, we can be more of "A Help" while your animal is still relatively well.

    We'll also discuss:

    -  Resources to find home hospice support that suits your needs.

    -  In partnership with your veterinarian, learn about tools and strategies that can assist in the end-of-life journey. 

    -  Gain insight into the grieving process, which in turn can help you cope with sadness before, during and after your animal companion's transition.

    - Find comfort after your loss in the support from like-minded animal lovers.

    Animal lovers like you seek the same loving care that their human loved ones had through hospice, and animal hospice and palliative care gives them the means to do so. AHELP has been a resource for people like you for over 7 years with our education and support through events and in families' home. 

    Please note that attendance is limited. To ensure your place at the event, please "buy a ticket" with a small donation amount when you obtain a ticket, which allows us to bring the presentation at low cost. You are able to RSVP without a donation - please contact Michelle at to reserve your spot. Last minute planning? Please call to 916-705-9574.

    Your animal companion is welcome; please bring a bed or comfy place for him or her to lay and a blanket if you're concerned about temperature. Consider bringing a photo or a memento for sharing if your animal friend isn't able to come or has already passed away. Tea, coffee and light snacks will be offered.
    We meet in the Education Room of Seattle Veterinary Specialists in Kirkland. Go through the lobby, turn right down the hallway, and into the door directly ahead. We are looking forward to having you join our AHELP community! 

    Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 06:30 PM · $1.00 USD
    Learn about Animal Hospice!
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  • Art of Friendship

    Engage head, heart, and hands while celebrating Friendship Day with new and familiar friends. Pet-friendly!

    Tell Ballard artist, Carla Elise of about your animal friend and the journey you've shared.

    Carla Elise draws THIS…    Memorial_line_Drawing_11-2017.jpeg


    while you see new and familiar friends, enjoy treats, sip wine and refreshments...

    You paint, pencil, or ink...All of THAT!    Memorial_line_Painting_11-2017.jpeg


    A portion of the proceeds from wine tasting and purchases goes to AHELP. Thank you in advance for your support!

    $15 Social & Wine Tasting ticket, prepurchased, includes 5-pour wine tasting, treats, and refreshments.

    $50 Friendship Art Drawing Workshop and Social ticket (includes use of high-quality art supplies, 5-pour wine tasting, treats, & refreshments.)

    $45 Friendship Art Drawing, no Workshop or Social (see below for Drawing-Only details).

    $20 Social and Wine Tasting ticket, at the door on the day of the Workshop & Social.

    All AHELP events are pet-friendly, and we especially welcome your senior and/or special needs furry, feathered, or scaled friend. Bring a bed or crate if they will be cold on the non-carpeted floor. 

    NWC_horizontal_AHelpLabel_Red.jpg                      NWC_horizontal_AHelpLabel_White.jpg

    We've chosen to have this very special event at Northwest Cellars because it's one of our favorite venues! Besides the Social Ticket with wine tasting, you may further support our work for comfort-oriented care for people and their pets by purchasing their award-winning, AHELP-labeled Washington wines.

    Important information if you want a Friendship Art Drawing:

    Sign up EARLY. Carla Elise will be creating just 14 Drawings at the Social! Those who sign up earlier will get earlier sessions and more time to complete their artwork.

    1) Pay for your drawing plus event ticket (choose a $50 ticket). 2) Look for a short questionnaire to complete pre-event. 3) Thoughtfully complete the questionnaire beforehand and bring it with you. 4) At the Workshop, Carla Elise will get to know you and your friend's story in a 10-15 minute individual session. With your story and your questionnaire answers as inspiration, she will create a 7" x 10" line drawing using symbols depicting your animal friend's life and friendship the two of you shared.

    The timing of your session will be based on the order of ticket purchase. You can "color in" your artwork using our high quality, fine tip pens, colored pencils, watercolors, and acrylic paints we'll have at the Social. Not feeling artsy? Imagine your Friendship Art Drawings in black and white, perhaps with a colorful frame!

    If you can't make the Workshop, you can purchase a "Friendship Art Drawing Only" ticket. You will 1) Choose a $45 "Friendship Art Drawing Only" ticket, 2) Carla Elise will Email you a questionnaire, 3) after February 11, she will create your custom Friendship Art Drawing, and 4) you will arrange to pick up from her. There are only a total of 4 Friendship Art Drawing Only tickets, so get yours very soon!

    Yes, there's another opportunity for Carla Elise's artwork at the "Art of Friendship!" She will offer a 15% off, special event pricing for one of her amazing custom-painted works of art. Carla Elise will generously offer a portion of the proceeds to AHELP Project, also. 

    Bring small bills...we will be raffling off the gorgeous painting above!

    Watch for updates and ask questions on Facebook under AHELP Project and AHELP Community closed group page. You may also contact Michelle (see below). We can't wait to celebrate Friendship Day with you!

    Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 01:00 PM · $15.00 USD · 1 rsvp
    Northwest Cellars in Kirkland, WA
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