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  • About Michelle Nichols, AHELP Project Founder

    My journey into animal hospice became intensely personal when my beloved Boxer, Brodie, faced the end of his life. Under the guidance of my human hospice nurse mother Carol Soukup, RN, I chose to embrace hospice principles, allowing Brodie a peaceful passing at home, surrounded by love. This experience was a revelation, showing me that I had been providing hospice care without even realizing it. Sharing stories of Brodie’s life and gazing at him lying in state peacefully, we asked ourselves the next morning, “Where are all the animal hospice people?” 

    Driven by this profound experience, I found my people and immersed myself in the nascent animal hospice and palliative care movement. After a master's degree and a career in professional healthcare counseling, I recognized I could utilize the tools in my toolbox to educate and support caregivers, working alongside veterinary medical teams through an interdisciplinary approach. I began my first business, named "Partners to the Bridge," then founded AHELP Project to serve more families within a nonprofit model.

    I took on leadership roles within the groundbreaking International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, including serving as their President in 2019. My presentations at conferences advocated the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork and showcased how the nonprofit model can effectively support more families through their pets' end-of-life journeys. 

    At the beginning of the pandemic, I saw an opportunity for online animal hospice education to address the scarcity of accessible veterinary services. I co-founded Animal Hospice Group with three thought leaders to build animal hospice education and hands-on training for people of all backgrounds, culminating in the Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner (CAHP) title. I remain on their faculty, and recognizing the need to produce the next generation of leaders in our field, I teach and mentor allied practitioners who support people and their pets.

    At the time of this writing, we approach AHELP's 15th year. I return to our grassroots mission to realize my life's vision: for every animal lover to have ready access to animal hospice and understand their options, being those who will stand steadfastly beside caregivers. After years in development, I have proudly developed the “Partners to the Bridge" Animal Hospice Coaching for Pet Parents. To educate even more animal caregivers and professionals about the field, I  aspire to launch the Animal Hospice Podcast in 2025.

    I share my life with my spouse of 27 years, my 18-year-old daughter, and two Boston Terriers. Sailing on the Puget Sound is our favorite family pastime. I am passionate about riding horses, and in my spare time, I enjoy a special bond with my Boston Terrier Bunny on a Pet Partners animal-assisted therapy team.  

    "It takes a village to bring a being into this world, and human hospice has shown the same is true on the other end of life.

    Supporting the family through the journey from their beloved animal companion's diagnosis or decline to their death takes a TEAM."

    -Michelle Nichols

    Michelle and Bunny 

     Bellevue, Washington





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    $4,883.00 raised
    GOAL: $6,000.00
    Your generous donation enables AHELP Project to support those who need our help the most. Every dollar goes directly into our mission, supporting animal caregivers and their families while their beloved animals are ill and will make life’s last transition. 
    NEW projects we're rolling out in 2019-2020:

    More families will receive individualized animal hospice services through "HELP for Animal Hospice Caregivers Fund" that was seeded by our successful "Season for Caring" campaign in December-January every year.

    Outreach to veterinary clinics will bring animal hospice education and support to practices in the Greater Seattle and Eastside region animal hospice. The work of our four-person Outreach Team will ultimately enable us to reach more families with AHELP Caregiver Support. 

    Other 2019-2020 goals that we will continue: 

    • We will serve more families with our Comprehensive Care Home Visits, phone consults, and referrals from our Professional Network. 
    • We will offer our monthly Support Circle, and present regularly scheduled educational sessions on end-of-life caregiving. We will continue to produce our popular Creative Healing Circles to engage head, heart, and hands while remembering an animal friend. 
    • We will restart our "Caregivers Tips and Tails" blog. We will partner with guest bloggers to bring useful information and on end-of-life caregiving. In response to public request and with permissions, we'll also tell adapted "Tails" based on our experience through our Animal Caregiver Support Program. 
    • Collaborate with writers to refine our "Quality of Life in your Senior and Ill Animal Friend," our step-by-step guide
    • Promote our Professional Network Members, trusted providers whose services contribute to comfort in illness and the end of life.



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  • Animal Caregiver Support Program

    Why Caregiver Support Matters

    Enhancing the Well-being of Your Animal Companion

    You say all you want is for “him to be comfortable” or for her to “have a good death.” So you may be wondering, "Why do I need caregiver support?" As a pet owner, your primary goal is to ensure the well-being of your beloved animal companion. But here's the truth: You cannot provide the best care for your pet if you neglect your own needs.

    At AHELP Project, our philosophy centers on Caregiver Support and we understand the vital role of caregiver support in caring for a pet. We know that delivering hospice care for your furry friend can bring great rewards and lasting memories. But we have also seen that this intensive caregiving period can be fraught with challenges.

    Our "care for the caregiver" approach is designed to help you navigate the twists and turns of the end-of-life journey with resilience and clarity. By providing the necessary support and resources, we empower you to make informed decisions about your pet's veterinary care plan while staying true to your values, goals, and beliefs.

    With our support systems in place, you can focus on maximizing your dog or cat's quality of life as new issues arise, increasing tension and standing in the way of your best caregiving. Through our network of Certified Animal Hospice Practitioners, you can access a range of holistic services, such as massage, energy work, and animal communication. These practitioners become valuable Comprehensive Hospice Comfort Care Team members, offering assistance, guidance, and companionship when you need it most.

    At AHELP Project, we've got your back. When the focus shifts from cure to comfort, our team will accompany you every step of the way. You don't need to navigate the challenges of end-of-life care alone anymore. Let the AHELP Project become your trusted partner in ensuring the comfort and well-being of your beloved pet.

    Comprehensive Hospice Comfort Care Team
    "People want the same care for their animal family members as benefitted their human loved ones. Now, the practice of animal hospice and palliative care allows them to do so."

    Dr. Amir Shanan, DVM, CHPV
    Founder, International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care 
    Co-founder, Animal Hospice Group
    Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian

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    Comfort. Choices. Empowerment.

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