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    Thank you for your interest in becoming an AHELPer! Our organization, support groups and events are located in King County/Seattle Area, WA. We welcome AHELPers from other areas that are able to help remotely. 
    After completing this short form, you can expect:  
    1. You will be emailed a link to our AHELPer Questionnaire that takes just 5-10 minutes to complete.
    2. You will be contacted by Michelle to set up a time to meet over coffee/tea, Skype, or phone.
    3. We will find you an AHELPer position that fits your preferred gift of involvement, matching your time and your interests. 
    4. Through individual training and mentorship, you will be fully prepared to join our AHELPer Team.
    Our goal is for you to feel rewarded, appreciated, and a highly valued member of our AHELP Community. 
    If you prefer to take this process stepwise, feel free to complete the form and stop there. You will be contacted by Michelle for more follow up. Thank you for your interest in becoming an AHELPer volunteer!
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